Fonoon aims to become a nationwide cultural and artistic hub that combines development and creativity to inspire and inform the public and Libyan young artists.


our mission:

create a sustainable and capable cultural and artistic community, to build an information database that includes various content reflecting the richness of the Libyan cultural scene.


Our objectives:

– Create a change of perspective in society towards art as a means of expression.

– The creation of a focal point for cultural activities where artists can gain access to different kinds of opportunities.

– The creation of a venue that provides struggling artists with the tools they need for their craft.

– A database that includes up-to-date information concerning different art forms and artists invested in them.

– an increase in Libyan cultural outcomes and a richer pool of productions.

– Establish Fonoon as a destination for artists, whether it be for support, and advocate and a safe zone for artists to pursue their careers while providing the community with meaningful and powerful artistic pieces that reflects their views and aspirations.

– Create a new standard for cultural and artistic outcomes to be followed by others while keeps collaboration as a core principle for all who work to elevate the artistic scene and enrich the Libyan artistic spectrum.

– The creation of an actual artistic market (primarily music) to further create ways for artists to develop independently and ensure the sustainability of the artform and ensure economic growth through art as a means of living, along with providing the public with a developed view on local productions that are to a minimum previously.

Figures and Statistics

Awareness Campaigns40+


Artworks produced75+